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Staff Contact Information

The following is to be used for official district use only.
Staff Member E-Mail Address
Accounts Payable [email protected]
Adamson, Tainya [email protected]
Bannish, Chris [email protected] 
Bays, Lonny [email protected]
Beaulieu, Lindsey [email protected]
Beaulieu, Pam [email protected] 
Berg, Amy [email protected]
Berg, Teresa [email protected]
Bigbee, Tyler [email protected]
​Blumenthal, Paul [email protected]
Bower, Marci [email protected]
​Boyd, Marinda [email protected]
Brooks, Jim [email protected]
Brumbaugh, Ryan [email protected]
Burdick, Debra [email protected]
Cochran, Aaron [email protected]
Compton, Sharma [email protected]
​Dailey, Hannah [email protected]
Dallas, Lisa [email protected]
Davis, Ali [email protected]
​Davis, Kristin [email protected]
Dawes, Tobi [email protected] 
Forrest, Jim [email protected]
Galaviz, Kim [email protected]
Gardipee, Gail [email protected]
​Groves, Jodi [email protected]
​Guerrero, Alisha [email protected]
Hartley, Corinne [email protected] 
Haunreiter, Joe [email protected]
​Hodges, Seth [email protected]
Hudson, Sarah [email protected]
Humphrey, Jenny [email protected]
​Johnson, John [email protected]
Johnston, Chris [email protected]
Kelly, Daniel [email protected]
​Larson, Patti [email protected]
Latimer, Kelsey [email protected]
Loose, Sophia [email protected]
​Majors, Molly [email protected]
​McAuley, Meranda [email protected]
Meagher, Shawn [email protected]
Metzenberg, Tiffany [email protected]
Miller, Grace [email protected]
Moon, Brent [email protected]
Moon, Christine [email protected]
Mortensen, Danielle [email protected]
​Murphy, Kim [email protected]
Nelson, Thad [email protected]
Nommensen, Jessica [email protected]
​Osborn, Jaimee [email protected]
Parker, Jennifer [email protected]
Parker, LeeAnn [email protected]
​​Paul, Linda [email protected]
Paulis, Kathy [email protected]
​Penman, Todd [email protected]
Pine, Laci [email protected]
Powell, Julie [email protected]
Prouty, Kelly [email protected]
​Ray, Cody [email protected]
​Ray, Jordan [email protected]
Richardson, Patrick [email protected]
Ryan, Kevin [email protected]
Salme, Luke
Salme, Marcy
Schaffer, Sheila [email protected]
Scheuber, Marcy [email protected]
​Shepherd, Tyler [email protected]
Sikel, Rick [email protected]
Silvernail, Steve [email protected]
Sliva, Barbara [email protected]
​Sliva, Ed [email protected]
​Smith, Wendy [email protected]
South, Lisa [email protected]
Stewart, Jody [email protected]
​Terry, Jill [email protected]
Veatch, Shanda [email protected]
​VonMoos, Lisa [email protected] 
Wagner, Julie [email protected]
Wellander, Jodi [email protected]
Werner, Lisa [email protected]
Williams, Katrin [email protected]